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Home Tip Tuesday: How to Create Hygee in Your Home

You know that feeling when it’s cold outside, you’ve had a tough day at work, and when you finally get home you walk through the front door to find some kind person has your favorite comfort meal bubbling away on the stove? That’s the feeling of hygge, a Danish word (pronounced hooga) that essentially translates to “coziness.” The concept of hygge is becoming a trend in American home décor, entertainment, and living. But it goes beyond a specific design look. Hygge describes a way of life that focuses on slowing down and enjoying the simple things. These seven tips will help you bring hygge into your home and life. 1. Go for comfort. Clothes that let you breathe and bend, furniture you can relax in, blankets that are soft and snuggly—these are all items that express hygge. 2. Pare it down. Clutter is the opposite of hygge. It’s almost impossible to appreciate simplicity if your home or life is filled with stuff you really don’t need.

3. Entertain more, but keep it simple. If you’re not already adept in the kitchen, practice a few traditional meals like beef stew or chili with cornbread. Once you’ve mastered the recipe, invite friends and family over for a casual evening of dinner and conversation. If you’re already a superstar in the kitchen, you may benefit from scaling down a bit. Entertaining doesn’t require a seven-course gourmet meal with perfect micro-brew beer pairings.

4. Create a cozy atmosphere. Candlelight, soft textures, and a casually tidy home are things that express the soul of hygge. Spread a braided rug on your hardwood floor, and celebrate a slightly “worn in” look when it comes to furnishings and accessories. 5. Learn the art of cocoa. What’s cozier than homemade cocoa served in Grandma’s chipped mug? Okay, hot chocolate may not be your thing, but find your version of Grandma’s cocoa and go with it. Maybe the perfect Moscow Mule or a cup of Earl Gray is what makes you feel like snuggling up in front the fire.

6. Take a walk - take a class. Hygge isn’t all about staying indoors. Remember, it’s about enjoying life’s special moments. Learning new things, communing with nature and pursuing your passions all qualify as living hygge. 7. Go low-tech. Put down the phone and other devices. Call instead of texting, read a paper book instead of an e-book, play board games or cards instead of video games. Simple. Lastly, remember that hygge can’t be bought. It’s not about redecorating your entire home or spending a ridiculous amount of money on imported Belgian chocolate. Hygge is about putting that extra touch of love and attention into the things you do to help yourself and others enjoy a slower, cozier pace of living. For home tours, home tips and more visit

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