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Popular Kitchen Design Trends for 2018

How does one room have so much power over our comfort? Whatever its magic, if the kitchen doesn’t look and feel right, the rest of the home doesn’t feel quite right either. That’s why Americans spend an average of $22,000 to get their kitchen remodel right. Of course, every year brings new décor versions of “right,” and 2018 has some interesting new trends to consider.

What’s Cool in Cabinetry Shaker-style cabinets ruled the kitchen for more than a decade. Their simple, clean lines were versatile enough for use in many types of décor, but the Shaker reign is coming to an end—for now. Flat-panel cabinets with little or no embellishments are leading the way in 2018. Clean, open shelving is an extension of the minimalist movement. Replacing at least one bank of cabinets with open shelves is a great way to update your kitchen without a complete remodel. Another hot trend in kitchen storage is black or bold-colored cabinets. Expect to see deep navy, forest green, dark gray and basic black replacing white or light-wood cabinets.

Brass is Back The return of brass fixtures doesn’t exactly have everyone celebrating. Those who grew up in the 1990s may have an aversion to the yellow-orange metal that was everywhere during their childhood. But if you’re looking for a simple way to modernize the look of your kitchen, replacing cabinet hardware, sink fixtures and even lights with bold brass is a relatively easy move. A caution on investing in high-end brass fixtures: when this metallic trend changes in a few years, all that brass will leave your kitchen looking dated.

Size Matters Roomy kitchens will always be popular, but oversized kitchens with islands big enough to grow palm trees on, separate baking centers, homework stations and built-in wine cellars are on the decline. The general trend to downsize our homes (and mortgages) has no doubt led to rethinking the size of the kitchen. An emphasis on multi-functional spaces and appliances is replacing the need for grandeur. Smart appliances such as dual-functioning ovens, and dishwashers and microwave ovens housed in drawers help make it possible to meet all the function we expect from a modern kitchen without requiring a huge amount of space.

Neutral Walls—Contrasting Counters The general move to minimalism doesn’t mean we have to live with bland boring kitchens to be trendy. In fact, contrast is a keyword for 2018 kitchen décor. Neutral wall color helps set the stage for interesting color play between countertops and cabinets. Remember that dark cabinetry we talked about earlier? Light, neutral wall color is what makes darker cabinetry pop. Texture in the form of tiles, flooring and wall treatments is being replaced with cleaner, sleeker materials, but visual interest is still high with unusual color choices in counters and storage.

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