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Adding Outdoor Water Features to Your Home or Personal Environment

Is there anything more relaxing than the sound of a stream or waves softly crashing on the shore? It’s no wonder people are attracted to places in nature where water flows. The sound of water pouring, splashing and bubbling has the power to soothe a busy mind and create a deep sense of relaxation. As long as that water isn’t dripping from a leaky faucet, that is!

It seems obvious now why so many people want to replicate the sound of moving water in their personal environments. A water feature in the yard or garden creates a serene focal point you and your guests will enjoy for many hours. Here, we’ll touch on some of the benefits as well as a few types of water features you can easily include in your outdoor space!

Benefits of Outdoor Water Features

More Benefits of Water Features

Having a peaceful place to sit and think—or not think—is a good enough reason alone to install a water feature, but it’s not the only one. There are many benefits to enjoy:

  • Noise Buffering - The sound of water can drown out unwanted traffic or neighborhood noise

  • Helping Wildlife - Water features in the yard provide clean drinking water for birds, insects, reptiles, and other creatures, making your backyard a sanctuary for small wildlife

  • Negative Ions - Running water discharges negative ions into the atmosphere (those are the good ones) and improves air quality

  • Property Value - If none of the other reasons convince you, maybe a boost in backyard appeal will. A water feature or two will make your property stand out as something special to potential homebuyers

Types of Water Features

Now that you’re convinced of the value of a water feature, the fun part is deciding which kind is best for your landscape. But who says you have to stop at one? Many homeowners choose to combine different styles of features into one grand focal point or use several single features to accentuate special places in the yard.


Ponds require the most space of any water feature, but even a small yard can accommodate a pond if scaled correctly.


Though usually found as part of a larger feature, modern “pond-less” waterfalls make it possible for anyone to include the sound of cascading water in their landscape.


There are an almost endless variety of fountain types including vases, columns, traditional tiered fountains, and wall fountains to name a few. The innovation of solar fountains means you can now place a fountain almost anywhere in the landscape.

In Conclusion

Adding a water feature can be as easy as buying a budget-friendly solar fountain and setting it on a table by the backdoor, or as complicated as creating a multi-tiered pond complete with waterfalls. Whichever option fits your landscape and budget, the sight and sound of moving water will add a new dimension to your yard or garden.


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