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Behind the Walls - A New Home Construction Series (Season 1)

Watch as we Follow Airhart Construction Build this Custom Home

Behind the Walls Season 1

In this 8 part web video series, Home Channel TV follows the construction of one of Airhart's model homes from start to finish. Learn all about the process and products that go into this new custom home construction.

Episode 1 - It All Starts With a Good Foundation

From the excavation of the home site to the footings and foundation walls, watch and learn what goes into making sure your home gets off to a solid start.

Episode 2 - Framing the Home

In this episode we see vertical construction begin. Court Airhart discusses some of the products and techniques that go into the framing of the house.

Episode 3 - Exterior Products Used to Protect the Home

Protecting the home from the elements starts with the proper exterior products. Airhart Construction uses products like fiber cement siding and Tyvek House Wrap to create the strong outer shell of the building envelope and therefore helping maintain the integrity home. Watch to learn about the benefits involved with Tyvek House Wrap systems.

Episode 4 - The Right Windows Make a Difference: Benefits, Technology and Window Styles

In this episode we are learning about window types & technology. Airhart Construction chooses Pella for all their homes because of the design, innovation and quality that goes into every window. Watch as we learn some of the key features in a Pella Window.

Episode 5 - Concrete Flat Work & Energy Sealing the Home

Air infiltration can hurt the energy efficiency of your home and reduce your air quality. Protecting the R-value of your insulation and controlling air leakage is what energy sealing is all about. Learn why Airhart Construction uses 2-stages of energy sealing as a way to help improve the indoor air quality and comfort of your home.

Episode 6 - Installing Energy Saving Cellulose Insulation

Insulating the Home - Episode 6 of Behind the Walls is all about the advantages offered by Premium Cellulose Insulation by Nu-Wool.

Episode 7 - Installing MEP's in the Home

Installing the MEP's (Mechanicals, Electrical & Plumbing) - Episode 7 of Behind the Walls is all about what goes into installing many of the mechanicals, electrical and plumbing into a new home.

Episode 8 - Completed Home Walk-through Tour with Airhart Construction

The final episode is a complete walk-through of the finished custom model. The builder, Court Airhart, walks us through the new home while highlighting many of the features and finishes of the house.

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