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Home Decor: Choosing the Right Paint Colors For You Home

The colors you design with are like aromatherapy for your eyes: They affect your disposition more than you may realize. Sure, you know what colors you like and what colors you want in your home, but do you really know how these colors are affecting your life? Do you understand how important the paint color you choose is in your home decor? It is much more important than simply likes and dislikes.

Choosing Paint Colors For Rooms In Your Home

Choosing Paint Colors by Room

In the Kitchen

Let’s start with your kitchen. The paint color you choose in your kitchen room design may actually contribute to the success of your health goals. For example, take a kitchen with a red color scheme. While the color is bold and you may love the way it looks, the color itself is actually an appetite stimulant (have you noticed the color is used frequently in restaurants?). It may be making you eat more than you need; all the while you are trying every diet possible and can’t figure out why you can’t lose weight. On the contrary, if you have a blue kitchen, you may find more success at your weight loss goals because the color blue is an appetite suppressant.

Warm Toned Walls in Kitchen

In the Living Room

The paint color you choose for your living room design all depends on what you are trying to accomplish in the room. Do you want the home decor in the living room to be calming and allow you to de-stress at the end of a long day? Then you should opt for greens or blues as your main color choice since they evoke feelings of calmness. If you are looking to make a bold statement and want the room to be lively, red is a good accent color to use. Be wary of using too much though, because it is known to intensify emotions.

Neutral Colors in Sun Room

In the Home Gym

Since your goal in a home gym is to lose weight, the paint color should be one that lets you focus and helps with your metabolism. Yellow accomplishes both of these things. Blue is also a good color to use because it is said to help you lift more weight than you usually could.

In the Home Office

The purpose of the room design in your office is to create a space that allows you to be productive and think clearly. For this reason, blue is a great choice. People in blue rooms tend to get more done in less time. Yellow is a viable option as well because it enhances concentration. Maybe you could choose a calming blue paint color and accent it with sunshine yellow flowers.

In the Bedroom

Again, the paint color that you choose in your bedroom depends on what you are trying to accomplish with the room design. If you want it to be a sanctuary away from the worries of the world, your best options are blue or green, since they are the most relaxing colors. However, red is believed to stimulate passion, so you might want to throw in a few red accents if that is your goal. For a baby’s room, avoid yellow because it is proven that babies cry more in yellow rooms, and you definitely don’t want that!

In Conclusion

The bottom line is that your home decor is all about you. Focus on choosing colors that you enjoy looking at. Just keep in mind that the paint color you choose may be affecting your temperament!

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