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Five Bathroom Designs We Like from Our 2022 Home Tours

We had a lot of homes to choose from, so the decision was difficult. We wanted to feature 5 bathrooms in the video below that offer practical designs, a variety of styles and useful features (like spacious showers). We hope you find some inspiration in several of the bathrooms that you may use in your design.

Bathroom Design Video 2022

Below are links to the full home tours of the bathrooms featured.

Bathroom 1 - KLM Builders: The Adams III Ranch Tour -

Bathroom 2 - Airhart Construction: The St. James Ranch Tour -

Bathroom 3- KLM Builders: The Sonoma Ranch Tour -

Bathroom 4 - US Shelter Homes: Custom Ranch Tour -

Bathroom 5 - KLM Builders: The Pasadena Ranch Tour -


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