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Four Key Elements Every Master Bedroom Design Needs

Your master bedroom is your own private sanctuary from the world: Your place to unwind at the end of the day and leave all of your worries at its threshold. The great thing about designing your master bedroom is that it is all about you (and your partner, if applicable), so you pretty much have free reign. Your bedroom should be full of everything you love while meeting your needs for the space. That being said, there are a few key elements every master bedroom design should have.

A Focal Point For most bedrooms, this is the bed itself. It is the largest item in the room, so it naturally garners the most attention. However, to make your bed a true focal point, you need to make it worthy of your affection. When choosing a bedframe, look for something that is timeless and sturdy, like a cherry sleigh bed or a mission-style panel bed. As far as bedding is concerned, opt for light or neutral shades, like grays and white, for the sheets and comforter, and then you can just switch up the accessories as your tastes change.

The Little Details Speaking of accessories, they can make or break your design. From your nightstand adornments to your throw pillows and maybe area rug, these little details are what transform your bedroom from average to extraordinary. This is the perfect place to add in pops of color that really let your personality shine through.

The Lighting There are few rooms where lighting is more important than your bedroom. You need ample lighting to get ready in the morning, subtle lighting for special time, and targeted lighting if one of you wants to read while the other wants to rest. And don't forget the ability to control natural lighting for the days you want to sleep in. It's clear that a simple overhead light just simply can't meet all of the needs of the bedroom. The best course of action is to have a strong overhead light with a dimmer switch, as well as table lamps or sconces by each side of the bed. If you really want a luxurious space, get yourself some blackout curtains so you won't have to worry about losing sleep from the sun or your neighbor's porch light that has to stay on 24/7.

The Memories

The master bedroom is the ideal place for you to display your favorite wedding pictures, photos of the kids, or even nostalgic photographs from a favorite vacation. If you are having trouble getting them to fit within your design scheme, consider converting them all to black and white for a sleek, sophisticated addition to your tranquil retreat.


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