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Home Design Trends for Today's Work from Home Environment [VIDEO]

Home Design Tips to Improve Your Design in Today's Market

The design of a home keeps evolving to meet the needs of today's homeowners. Open plans are still the preferred layout, but these open plans can introduce more noise or interruptions when trying to work from home. Therefore a growing need for new designs that incorporate away rooms, pocket offices, dual use spaces and more have come on the scene. Adding more square footage isn't always the answer, but a properly designed home could be.

In the video below Court Airhart from Airhart Construction explains some of the considerations buyers should factor in when designing a home.


yaleitskillhub mohan
yaleitskillhub mohan
Apr 15

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Furthermore, well-trained employees are better prepared to respond to security incidents promptly and effectively. This includes identifying threats, reporting incidents, and following established incident response procedures, ultimately minimizing the impact of breaches.

Overall, investing in cybersecurity training not only protects an organization's reputation and customer trust but also leads to cost savings by reducing the likelihood and impact of security breaches.


Mohan Raj
Mohan Raj
Feb 27

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Dec 12, 2023

Hulu activation ensures a seamless transition into the world of on-demand streaming, allowing users to enjoy content across various devices. Smart TVs, computers, tablets, or smartphones – Hulu's activation facilitates a multi-device streaming experience.


Nov 28, 2023

The Florence Residences welcomes residents with a distinctive architectural design that not only complements the surrounding landscape but also sets it apart as a visual masterpiece. The development spans a vast expanse, the florence residences offering 1,410 residential units designed with meticulous attention to detail. From cozy one-bedroom retreats to expansive five-bedroom penthouses, the variety of living spaces ensures there's an ideal home for individuals, couples, and families alike.


Nov 24, 2023

Obsidian Ventures stands out for its hands-on approach to supporting startups. They offer more than just financial backing; their team actively engages with founders, providing invaluable mentorship, Obsidian Ventures strategic guidance, and access to a vast network of resources. This holistic support system aims to empower entrepreneurs, enabling them to navigate challenges, capitalize on opportunities, and accelerate their growth trajectory.

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