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Learn the Benefits of Tyvek House Wrap from DuPont

Tyvek Exterior House Wrap
See the Video Below for Tyvek House Wrap Benefits

Tyvek House wrap is one of the first lines of defense of the home's exterior envelope. In the short video below Airhart Construction explains the benefits of Tyvek House Wrap (Drain Wrap) from DuPont and why they choose Tyvek products when building any home.

Things Tyvek House Wrap does for a home:

  • Reduces Air Infiltration - reduces drafts that helps keep homes cool in the summer, warm in the winter, and dry all year round. Reduces home energy bills.

  • Moisture Management - Tyvek also breathes so that moisture inside the house can escape, while at the same time helps stop rain from getting in.

  • Vapor Management (Tyvek is 11x code) - unique non-woven material that is breathable and allows moisture vapor to pass through.


Learn more about Airhart Construction.


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