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Big Benefits of Small / Tiny House Living

Whether you’re considering downsizing or ready to purchase your first home, you should be aware of the massive benefits that come with living in a small house.

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What Does Your Dream Home Look Like?

Almost everyone dreams of living in a grand house someday, but the realities of budget, upkeep, and function can encourage many potential homeowners to seek a more modest dream. Settling for a smaller home doesn't mean you've opted out of luxury. The many benefits of living in a smaller home can actually improve your overall quality of life and provide a sense of grandeur that goes beyond square footage. Whether you're downsizing or buying your first home, here's some incredible benefits of small house living.

Benefits of Living in a Small House

1. Lower Energy Costs

A smaller space means smaller heating and cooling bills. Everyone appreciates lower utility bills. And those who strive to live a more eco-friendly lifestyle can feel good about using fewer resources without sacrificing comfort.

2. Small Homes are Easier to Maintain

Take a second to think about what you believe to be some of your biggest assets. Do you think of time? With a large home, how often would you use all those extra rooms, and would you want to spend a disproportionate amount of your free time cleaning and maintaining them? Fewer floors and windows to wash, fewer rooms to dust, and fewer bathrooms to scrub mean more time for you to spend how you want. With less space to care for, you can enjoy a clean home without having to devote evenings or weekends to excess maintenance.

3. Smaller Mortgage

There is no doubt that the cost saving benefits of a smaller home plays perhaps the largest role in opting for one. No matter what market you live in one law of real estate holds true: Less square footage means a smaller mortgage. What will you do with all that extra cash and how will it alter your life?

4. Staying Organized in a Small House

Living in a home with limited storage space forces you to make do with less. With few extra places to hide clutter, small house living makes it easier, or at least more crucial, to keep things neat and tidy. It’s also worth mentioning the mental health benefits of making do with less and reducing the number of possessions one has. Our mental energy can become trapped by an overwhelming amount of possessions. Opting for a smaller house that causes you to live with less can bring you extraordinary mental clarity and focus.

5. Cheaper & Easier to Decorate

Filling a large home with furniture and accessories can be an extremely expensive venture. A small space with a minimal amount of rooms not only requires less spending on decor, but also allows you to purchase higher quality items without destroying your budget. Not only will you save money on decorating costs, but tasks such as repainting and fully customizing your rooms will be a lot easier in a smaller house. In a fraction of the time, you’ll have a confidently decorated home in a way that perfectly reflects your personality.

6. Small Houses Bring Families Together

Without an excess of room to spread out in, families who live in small houses naturally spend more time together. You'll never have to go searching for the kids or raise your voice too much to be heard in the next room. That’s not to say families that live in large houses aren't close, cause they are. But there’s something about living in close quarters that forces relationships to blossom in amazing ways.

7. Instant Charm

If you’re looking for that instant charm with minimal additional work, opt for a small house. People who live in large homes work hard to make them feel cozy and unique. A small house already has those qualities. Small homes are often located in older, more quaint neighborhoods where the only "cookie cutters" are in the kitchen.

Lower Costs with Smaller Homes Means More Money for You

It’s no doubt that the benefits of living in a small house effectively cut down your costs and leave you with more money in your pocket. The savings effects of small homes can bring you financial stability and more happiness knowing you’re not stretching to pay for all the expenses of that 3,000 sq. ft. property. Use that money to do the things you like. Whether it’s put into savings, investments, or spent on memories like finally taking that family vacation that’s now in your budget. The freedom of having extra money to allocate how you decide is a life-altering benefit of opting for a smaller house

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Deciding if a Smaller House is Right For You

Choosing a home is an entirely personal decision and there are so many things to take into consideration that aren’t mentioned in this post. If you're ready for the security and financial benefits of homeownership but don't want the burden of a huge mortgage or massive maintenance costs, a smaller home might be the perfect fit. Ultimately you’ll have to dig into your own research and decide for yourself if a smaller home is what you’ll be moving into next.

Hopefully you see the value a small home can bring to a family. There are some extraordinary benefits that come with downsizing or opting for a small house. You’ll be able to cut some of your home expenses and save money as well as take advantage of some intangible benefits such as gaining time and welcoming lifestyle changes.

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Most people think of a large lavish home as their dream property. Maybe that's still for you. But with these benefits in mind, I think smaller homes are just as strong of a candidate. Naturally charming, easier to maintain, and cheaper to buy, a small house just may turn out to be the castle of your dreams after all.


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