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Touring 7 Beautiful New Ranch Home Designs

custom ranch home great room

We've collected 7 luxurious ranch home designs we had a chance to tour recently, and compiled them into one video for the ease of your viewing. Hope you find some design inspiration for your home.

Let us know your favorites!

Seven Luxurious Ranch Home Designs

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Custom Ranch Home by Plote Homes
Custom Ranch Home by Plote Homes

Adams 3 ranch home by KLM Builders
Adams III Ranch Home by KLM Builders

Oakfield ranch house by Airhart Construction
Oakfield Ranch Home Plan by Airhart Construction

Willow ranch home plan by US Shelter Homes
Willow Ranch House Plan by US Shelter Homes

custom ranch home by US Shelter Homes
Custom Ranch Home by US Shelter Homes

Pasadena ranch home by KLM Builders
Pasadena Ranch by KLM Builders

ranch home by Airhart Construction
St. James Ranch Home by Airhart Construction

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