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Types of Outdoor Lighting to Best Suit Your Home's Exterior

Exterior lighting is a dominant functional feature and you want to know, what's the best one for me? Learn about the best types of outdoor lighting options you can choose from to boost beauty and improve the security and functionality of your home's exterior.

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Types of Outdoor Lighting

What type of outdoor lighting is best for your home? What kind of options do you have?

Think about the exterior of your home and how truly important outdoor lighting is. As one of the dominant functional features outside of our home, outdoor lighting is used at some capacity no matter where you live. Exterior lighting for paths and entrances is crucial for safety. Landscape lighting can be used to showcase trees, plants, and your home in general. It looks enchanting and invites you to get outside and enjoy your outdoor living space at night.

So you have some choices here. How you use lighting both functionally and aesthetically is purely up to the homeowner. We’ve compiled a list of the types of outdoor lighting so you have a better understanding of what’s at your disposal. Read on and figure out what might be the best option for you and your home!

Types of Outdoor Lighting For Your Home


Floodlights provide wide-spanning lighting, covering large areas and hidden nooks that may not be easy to illuminate. This is why floodlights are one of the best options for those seeking functional outdoor lighting. The expansive coverage can help improve safety and protect individuals and property from robbery and vandalism. Consider this type of light to illuminate your entire patio, backyard, or driveway from above.

Landscape Lighting

If you’re looking to add an aesthetical boost to your home's exterior landscape lighting is the way to go. Landscape lighting encompasses a wide range of outdoor lighting fixtures and functions such as globes, sconces, lanterns, and spotlights are used to add security, improve utility for outdoor living spaces and improve a home's overall aesthetics.


Sconces bring character to your home's exterior. Common places are on either side of your garage door or entryway. You should have no problem finding a pair of sconces that fit work with you because of how massive the variety is on the market.


You can find lantern-style sconces in abundance. Another great choice if you’re looking to add some character to your home in an old-world or contemporary way!


Globe landscape lighting is incredible because it’s generally omnidirectional (providing that it’s not encased). Use them to send light in all directions and highlight entire sections of your front bed, garden, or patio.


Generally pointed in one direction, spotlights are great for highlighting specific landscape features around your home. You can get really creative!

Opt For LED Lights to Save Energy & Money

We’re aware that introducing more outdoor lighting can add to your energy bill. LEDs offer an energy-saving element and are an incredible choice to combat monthly bills.

Motion Sensor Lighting

Motion sensor lighting consists of small electronic pieces that detect infrared waves, that radiate when things move. They detect a certain amount of heat radiation, which is present in people, animals, and cars, and thus turn the lights on automatically. A homeowner can adjust the time the lights remain on after detection. The motion sensor function only works at night and during evening hours and is deactivated during the day via a photocell. Add a great security boost to your home while saving you money by not turning it on until it's needed. They are very popular for entry points or even large exposed windows around your home.

Step Lighting

Not all homes have a place for step lighting, but it’s a real game-changer for those that do. Use step lighting to provide a safe and stylish vertical pathway. They can be installed front-facing on the steps or on either side near the floor.

String Lights

Looking for a fun and tasteful way to light up your outdoor living space? String lights are a go-to for many. Of course, they appeal to many because of their photogenic and stylistic characteristics, but string lights are a fantastic flexible option when others just aren’t feasible. You can hang as many or as few as your space requires and easily make them work in any setting.

Consider the Importance of Having a Well Lit Exterior

Outdoor lighting can be a necessity for a variety of outdoor spaces. While some types provide aesthetic enhancements, outdoor lighting as a whole is a solid precautionary method to improve safety and reduce theft and vandalism during evening hours. Think about what you need for your home because that’s what it comes down to. What types of outdoor lighting do you think will provide the best of beauty, safety, and functionality for you?


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