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Pros & Cons: Vinyl Siding Vs. Aluminum Siding

Choosing which material to use when siding your home is typically a decision that you only have to make once. There are a handful of siding options out there, each one offering various advantages and disadvantages. So which is a better choice for your home? With all variables taken into consideration, we’ll cover the benefits and downsides of both aluminum and vinyl siding. That way you’ll be able to decide which one suits your home in terms of durability, efficiency, maintenance needs, climate, and beyond!

Vinyl Siding vs Aluminum Siding

We'll Start With Aluminum Siding

Aluminum siding can be an excellent selection for those residing in a cooler, wet climate. This soft metal comes in a variety of densities and usually lasts for around 35 years before needing repairs or updates. Panels can come in either a vertical or horizontal format, allowing buyers to customize their homes as they wish.

Pros of Aluminum Siding

  • Available In a Variety of Textures & Patterns

  • Low Maintenance

  • Unaffected by Extremely Cold Temper or Moisture

  • Rust Resistant

  • Recyclable

  • Insect-Proof

  • Fire Resistant

  • Strong Insulation

Cons of Aluminum Siding

  • May Dent Easily

  • High Winds or Strong Sun Can Cause "Pinging" Noises as the Metal Expands

  • Color Fading Occurs Over Time

Aluminum siding is an acceptable choice for homeowners who do not want to worry about the constant upkeep of their home’s exterior. It is also suitable for homes in cold or coastal climates due to its water-resistant properties.

Onto Vinyl Siding

Vinyl siding is made out of long strips of polyvinyl chloride (PVC) fashioned to look like traditional wood siding. It has recently become one of the more popular siding choices among Americans. Is vinyl is the best option for your home?

Pros of Aluminum Siding

  • Easy To Install

  • Very Low Maintenance

  • Inexpensive Compared to Other Options

  • Long Lasting Exterior Color

  • More Environmentally Friendly Than Other Options

Cons of Aluminum Siding

  • Water Resistant But Not Water Proof

  • May Crack or Dent under Extreme Cold Weather

  • May Melt or Distort Under Extreme Hot Weather

  • Depending on Your Climate, Vinyl Might Show Age After 10-15 Years

Vinyl siding is a suitable choice for those not residing in an extremely hot or cold climate. Homebuyers not keen on spending a lot of time maintaining their home’s exterior will also find vinyl to be an attractive selection.

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