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Watch & Learn: Following a New Home Being Built from Start to Finish

building a new home

Welcome to a journey where every nail, every beam, and every tile tells a story of meticulous craftsmanship and thoughtful design. Home Channel TV invites you to watch the build of a new custom home from Airhart Construction at their community of Munhall Glen in St. Charles, IL. Join us as we peel back the layers, from the initial excavation to the final home tour, in our exclusive New Home Construction series: Behind the Walls.

Watch New Home Being Built Here

HOME BUILDER: Airhart Construction

New Home Being Built

Episode 1: Groundbreaking Beginnings

We start by taking you to the heart of the action – the home site excavation. Here, amidst the earth and clay, the foundation is laid. Through precise measurements and expert planning, we witness the beginnings upon which families will build their futures.

Episode 2: Framing the Vision

With the foundation set, it's time to breathe life into the structure. Episode 2 follows the carpenters and craftsmen as they meticulously frame the home. Each beam and stud is placed with precision, forming the skeleton upon which the future home will stand.

Episode 3: The Building Envelope

As the walls rise, attention turns to protecting the home from the elements. In this episode, we explore the exterior building products carefully selected to safeguard the homes structure and interior. From fiber cement siding to durable roofing materials, every choice is made with longevity and aesthetics in mind.

Episode 4: Energy Sealing & Insulation

Cellulose insulation stands as a beacon of sustainability and efficiency in the realm of home insulation. Derived from recycled paper and treated with fire-retardant chemicals, cellulose boasts impressive insulating properties while minimizing environmental impact. Paired with meticulous energy sealing techniques, which involve sealing off gaps and cracks in a home's envelope, cellulose insulation forms a formidable barrier against heat transfer, keeping interiors cozy in winter and cool in summer while significantly lowering energy bills.

Episode 5: Breathing Life Within

Venturing beyond the surface, we delve into the intricate world of HVAC systems. Episode 5 shines a light on the technology behind maintaining a comfortable and healthy living environment. From efficient heating and cooling solutions to advanced air filtration systems, discover how modern innovation ensures optimal indoor living conditions.

Episode 6: Finishing Touches

With the structure secure and the climate controlled, it's time to turn our attention inward. Episode 6 invites you to explore the interior finishes being installed. From elegant millwork trim to luxurious flooring and exquisite tile selections, witness the transformation from construction site to domestic haven.

Episode 7: The Grand Reveal

Finally, we reach the crescendo of our journey – the grand reveal of the newly completed decorated model. In our final episode, join us for a comprehensive home walk-through, where we showcase the culmination of months of hard work and dedication. From the welcoming foyer to the cozy living spaces, immerse yourself in the comfort and beauty of a meticulously crafted Airhart home.

Behind the Walls offers more than just a glimpse into the construction process; it's a celebration of craftsmanship, innovation, and the pursuit of excellence. Join us as we unravel the layers and unveil the story behind each meticulously constructed home. Stay tuned for an unforgettable journey through the artistry of homebuilding.

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