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Home Tips: Top 5 Bathroom Trends from 2017

You may be surprised to learn that bathroom remodels are the most popular home renovation, requested even more frequently than kitchen re-dos. But considering it’s the first room we go to in the morning and the last one we visit before laying down for the night, it makes perfect sense that homeowners want a bathroom that’s more than just functional. They want a bathroom that’s beautiful and comfortable too. Bathroom remodeling trends for 2017 can help everyone create the bathroom of their dreams. Water Tight Reducing water usage is a trend we hope never goes out of style. Similar to Energy Star appliances, the EPA has recently issued a WaterSense label to certify fixtures that meet the program’s standards for water efficiency. Toilets that give flushing options, hands-free faucets and shower heads that use less without sacrificing a great shower experience are saving the planet, saving money and providing great design at the same time.

High Tech Today’s bathroom tech trends make radiant floors look almost quaint. Do you love sipping a chilled glass of wine while relaxing in the tub? If so you need tub-side refrigeration, and maybe some radiant heating pads in the bathtub to keep the temperature perfect while you’re in there. From a built-in audio system to automatic water-pressure control, tech-loving remodelers have a wide range of innovative options.

Natural Flow Green bathrooms that utilize natural wood and stone building materials have been gaining popularity for a while. In 2017 the trend for organic flows from the actual materials to the shapes and lines of the fixtures. Graceful, free-standing tubs with rounded lines, low-profile toilets and sinks that look as if they could have been hand-carved are being used to create an overall organic look. Light colors and--of course--natural materials, complete the look.

Aging in Place Also called “universal design,” a bathroom designed for aging in place might include a walk-in tub and shower, shower seats, safety bars and other features that ensure the function of a bathroom even for people with reduced mobility. The key to this trend is avoiding the hospital look. Ugly grab bars are a thing of the past. Done right, aging in place design provides style now and ease of use later.

Textured Tiles Texture is an important design element for any room, especially when light, neutral colors are used as in most bathrooms. Texture adds visual interest and makes a room look warm and inviting. Until recently towels and other minor accessories were about the only way to incorporate texture into a bathroom, but dimensional tiles have opened up a new world. With rough organic textures, clean geometric shapes and everything in between, there’s a dimensional tile for every design style.

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