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Summer Lawn Care Tips You'll Want to Know

Quick Tips for Summer Lawn Care

Home Tip Tuesday - Quick Tips for Summer Lawn Care

Summer is the season when you want your lawn to look great for all the outdoor parties and gatherings. Ironically, it’s also the season when lawn requires the most care and attention. Hot temperatures and lots of feet in the grass can take a toll on your yard if you neglect summer lawn care.

lawn care - don't cut grass too short

Just a Little Off the Top One of the most common mistakes in summer lawn care is cutting it too short. Taller blades of grass can absorb more light which is then converted into nutrients that keep the roots and soil healthy. Longer grass also provides shade for the soil, keeping in more moisture on those hot days. Ideally, a lawn should be manicured to about three inches. Set the mower’s blades on the highest setting for an ideal cut, and never remove more than one-third of the total height in one mow.

Summer lawn care tips - fertilizing for extra boost

Know Your Type Spring and fall are the ideal seasons for fertilizing cool-season lawns. Warm-season grasses benefit from summer fertilizing. Whichever type of turf you have, you can give the lawn an extra boost of nourishment by leaving the grass clippings after mowing. Some people may not like the look of an unraked lawn, but allowing the clippings to fall back into the grass and soil adds a layer of organic mulch that protects roots from strong summer sun while providing a small, safe dose of natural fertilizer.

Seed And Weed Bare patches are the bane of every lawn-proud homeowner. The best approach is to lay down seed once and care for it properly, making sure seedlings get appropriate amounts of water and TLC until established. It may take a few weeks or even all season for a bare spot to fill in, but reworking the soil over and over to plant new seeds may do more harm than good. Hopefully, you applied a broad-spectrum weed killer during the spring. If not, get ready to hand-pick weeds all summer. Pull weeds as soon as you notice them and remove the entire root if possible. If you must use weed control during the summer, choose a cool day to minimize the risk of damaging the lawn. Water lightly before applying and stay off the grass for at least 24 hours. Do not apply herbicide if you plan on seeding.

Summer Lawn Care - Watering

Water Please Watering is essential during hot weather, but don’t make the mistake of watering your lawn more frequently. Deep, infrequent hydration helps establish a strong, healthy root system. Exact amounts depend on your climate and type of turf, but generally speaking, lawn requires 1 to 1.5 inches of water each week. Supplement with irrigation if natural rainfall doesn’t provide enough water. Follow for weekly home tours, remodels, tips and more.

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