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5 Outdoor Kitchen Trends Worth Savoring

Few things in life are as practical and as primal as an outdoor kitchen. On the practical side of things, outdoor cooking keeps the house cool on hot summer nights and gets everyone outside enjoying the season. And on the primal side - well there's simply no denying that fire + food = fun! Check out some of these hottest outdoor kitchen trends to cook up a little inspiration.

5 Outdoor Kitchen Trends Worth Savoring

1. Budget Down

Totally tricked out kitchens will always be popular, but don't feel alone if you're budget is a bit more modest. This year many homeowners are scaling down, choosing essential items like grills and cookers, but skipping more expensive options such as sinks and refrigerators which require the installation of plumbing and draining systems. One tip for creating an awesome outdoor kitchen on a budget is to select a cooker that provides options. A unit that can grill, smoke and has a rotisserie will give you a lot of bang for the buck.

2. Dinner and a Movie

Outdoor movie screens are one of the most popular trends in outdoor living. Nothing says summer like gathering under the stars to watch a film. Outdoor entertainment kits are available at several price points and will turn your summer barbecue into a summer event the whole neighborhood can enjoy.

3. Pizza Party

A wood-burning pizza oven in your own backyard may seem like huge extravagance, but they're actually more practical than you might think. A "pizza" oven, is really just an oven. It can be used to cook a casserole, bake bread or roast meat. Pizza ovens provide your outdoor kitchen with more versatility, which is probably why they remain the number-one trend in outdoor cooking.

4. Grow Your Own

The most essential part of any kitchen is the food that's being cooked. Growing at least a small portion of your food is as trendy as it comes. For those with a not-so-green thumb, consider growing hardy herbs like rosemary or sage in containers near your outdoor kitchen. Small-scale and container vegetable gardens allow everyone to participate in the farm-to-table movement.

5. Gather 'Round the Fire

Outdoor fire pits are to the outdoor kitchen what a little black dress is to a woman's wardrobe. Dress it up for cocktails and hors d' oeuvres or down for s'mores and hotdogs. The lure of a crackling fire is so strong that a fire pit is sure to draw more attention than any other fancy gadget you might include in your outdoor kitchen.

Outdoor Kitchen Inspiration

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