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Front Porch Decorating: Tips for Creating a Welcoming Front Porch This Season

Having a comfortable and inviting front porch not only welcomes guests to your home but also creates another space for you and your family to enjoy. Exploring various front porch decor elements and making a few cosmetic adjustments can usher in a completely different atmosphere. One that you’ll truly love. Give your porch a makeover right in time for summer with these front porch decorating tips!

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Creating an Inviting Front Porch

Front Porch Decorating Tips

How you decorate your front porch is completely up to you. Our tips are meant to be suggestions inspired by some of the main cosmetic and stylistic enhancements people make to theirs.

1. Start With Fresh Paint

A worn front door or peeling porch paint is an instant turnoff. Start by painting your front door a cheery color, then repaint or re-stain the porch floor if the finish is old.

2. Add Seating

Porch swings, Adirondack chairs, ottomans: There are many outdoor furniture options that work well on the front porch, and so much to choose from on the market. Select the right option based on your budget, personal preference, and size of your front porch. Add outdoor throw pillows for a pop of color and increased comfort. Seating will decoratively enhance your porch while effectively allowing you to step outside and enjoy another space in your home.

3. Use Plants For Sun Protection, Color, and Style

Herbs or flowers can perfume your porch, while vines act as a privacy screen and protect you from the sun. Colorful flowers near the front steps or the front door create a welcoming entry and can make you smile every time you return home. Whether you love flowers or want to grow edibles, there are many ways to incorporate plants into your welcoming porch design. Choose the right plants based on your personal preference and the sun/shade exposure of your porch. Conversely, if you're interested in finding plants for the interior of your home, we have a great article on indoor plants and their benefits.

4. Selecting and Adding Lighting

To get the most use from your inviting front porch, add lighting that lets you see after hours. Overhead lighting, sconces surrounding the front door, or string lights around the railing are all ideas. Solar lanterns work well if you have sun exposure, and add a green touch. To supplement electric lighting and boost the ambiance at night, you can use candles in hurricane lamps, oil lanterns, or battery-operated candles. To explore more lighting choices, check out our article on the different types of outdoor lighting for your home.

5. Accessorize to Create a Unique Space

This is where you can really customize your front porch to be unique to your tastes, preferences, and preferred activities. From adding tables near your seating to using a rug to separate the relaxing zone from your entryway or selecting a fun doormat that'll bring a smile when visitors arrive, unique decorative accents really make the space yours and bring the elements of your front porch together. Depending on if you will be actively using the space or if it just serves as an entrance, you can decide deeply to customize and decorate.

One final way to make your front porch feel inviting is to decorate for the seasons. Whether that's hanging a holiday wreath, adding pumpkins around Halloween, or flying a flag in summer months, your porch decor can change with and be inspired by the seasons.

Final Thoughts Before You Decorate Your Front Porch

How you decorate your front porch is up to you, but we hope these suggestions pointed out different directions you could take yours. Use these tips to think about your ideal front porch, gather everything you need to create a great space to hang out, and stylistically enhance the outdoor entrance to your home.


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