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Valuable Tips For Mudroom Storage, Organization & Cleanliness

Efficient Mudroom Storage is a Game Changer

After a long day, we’re all eager to drop our coats and bags to rejoice in the warmth of our homes. Mudrooms are the transitional space that embraces us upon that return. The fact that it's the first room you see when you arrive and the last when you depart means they are prone to disarray and clutter more often than other parts of your house. I mean really, the rotating cast of materials through this space can get pretty radical. And when you consider the mudroom/laundry room combo that you swear you just cleaned, you can say forget it!

In an effort to combat clutter and disorganization, we’ve compiled a valuable list of mudroom storage, organization, and cleanliness tips. Whether you have a mudroom, laundry-hybrid, or simply a dedicated entryway space for your belongings, these tips will help you get on track and improve the efficiency of your home and life.

Fill Out Your Mudroom The Right Way

  • Take a look around your mudroom. Are there any empty walls? If so, you better make the most of them; ain't no room for wasted space here! One of the easiest options is installing some hooks on the walls to hang jackets and scarves on.

  • After that's done and you’ve got hooks to put your day-to-day attire, you should consider some simple shelves above them. Shelves are a great storage option keeps things off the floor, neat and orderly.

  • Upon your mudroom shelves, you can place some decorative baskets to store the mittens, earmuffs, sweatshirts, and whatever else doesn't have a home. Opting for some baskets is a solid functional decor option. You’ll be able to stay clean, orderly and have an added style bonus.

  • Finally, to really capitalize on the space, place a bench under the hooks to provide both a place to sit while putting on shoes and a way to add more storage underneath it. You shouldn’t have any trouble finding a mudroom bench that suits your style and size specifications. You can choose one with built-in storage underneath or with the full array of features we just mentioned, hooks, shelves, and more.

Mudroom Storage and Laundry Room

Simple, Easy Access Mudroom Storage

  • While you definitely want everything to have a designated space when it's not in use, make sure that nothing is too difficult to access. Why? Because when you are coming in from a long day at work you only have about an ounce of energy left to put your coat where it goes. If it's not an arms reach away, you know it will end up out of place.

  • If you are using shelving with baskets to store your winter items, make sure you place the everyday items at eye level so they are the easiest to get in and out of.

  • And, of course, if you have small kiddos running about, place a container just for them where they can put their stuff away all on their own (hey, you can dream!).

Clean Mudroom

Mudroom Cleanliness

Mudrooms will get dirty, there’s no question. You’ll want to be prepared as best you can to decrease the amount of dirt and grime that gets tracked inside. The good news is there are plenty of effective solutions that limit the amount of grime tracked inside and catch it before it moves throughout the house.

  • A mat on the inside and outside of that entrance door is a sure-fire way to filter out some of that dirt from coming in. This is especially necessary for the winter months when you’ll be tracking in snow and other debris, which brings us to the next subject.

  • Have a tray to hold wet boots, umbrellas, or shoes. It can be as simple as a washable plastic basin or an umbrella stand to hold these items as they dry out. The last thing you want is for all that snow and debris to trickle off into a puddle on your floor.

  • A boot scraper is a nifty addition to your mudroom defense line and will come in handy over the winter. Consider putting one by your outdoor mat.

  • Keep your shoes nice, orderly, and stored on a rack instead of thrown in a bin. Not only are they easier to spot but the rack will allow air to circulate around the shoes. Utilizing some of the space underneath the bench is a great spot for a shoe rack. Otherwise stowing one in the closet (as many of us already do) is a solid option.

  • If you have the room, creating a personal space for everyone in the family is a great way to staying organized. Even a simple shelf will do. To take it a little further, consider a mudroom bench with built-in cubbies.

  • Make sure you take some time throughout the year to stow away out-of-season clothes, shoes, jackets, and anything that won’t be used for some time. There’s no use to keep it all out at once and clutter your space. As you make changes to seasonal wear, this would be a great time to give your mudroom a thorough cleaning to combat the inevitable build-up of dirt from outside.

  • Since mudrooms need constant cleaning, be conscious of the furniture you select. It’s entirely up to you but a rolling shelving unit or movable storage will give you flexibility when it comes to cleaning.

Barn Door Mudroom

Mudroom Storage Made Stylish

Just because it's called a mudroom, that doesn't mean it needs to look grungy. In fact, that's exactly the reason it shouldn't. Put a little extra effort into making your space a welcoming way to enter your home.

  • We mentioned decorative baskets for storage earlier in the post. These are an outstanding way to both keep organized and add a hint of style to your mudroom.

  • Think about painting the walls a cheery color or really anyone that suits your style. Since mudrooms are often the first and last places we see when coming and going from our house, there are benefits of introducing warm and inviting colors to the space.

  • Beyond painting the walls, there are more ways to decorate and add color to your mudroom. Once everything has a home, you can find ways to bring in more color with the use of captivating wall art and even fresh flowers, if you feel so inclined.

A Clean Mudroom = Clarity

Whether you have a mudroom, laundry-hybrid, or simply a designated area in your entryway, it’s highly beneficial to keep these areas organized and well maintained. Mudrooms don’t have to be grungy either. There are some incredible options when it comes to mudroom furniture, storage solutions, and decor that will allow you to organize in an aesthetically captivating way.

Ultimately, implementing some of these solutions will effectively prevent dirt and grime from traveling further into your home. As a bonus, you might experience some additional mental clarity and focus exiting through a put-together and well-organized mudroom. Seems like a win in our book!


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Mudroom Storage and Organization Tips


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