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Smart Kitchen Space-Savers That Won’t Break Your Wallet

If you have a small kitchen then you know just how challenging it can be to prepare meals, host dinner parties and clean up messes in a room where square footage is limited. You need to make the most of every inch, which means ensuring an efficient layout and ample storage for your small kitchen space without compromising style.

There are many small kitchen design ideas and practical solutions to help make the most of every inch of kitchen counter, cabinet, and floor space. We’ve listed a few inexpensive, space-saving ideas for achieving a successful kitchen below with the ultimate goal being to minimize clutter and maximize efficiency.

Add a cart

If your tiny kitchen won’t allow for a kitchen island, then consider a moveable cart. A rolling kitchen cart is far less costly than an island and is a great way to add counter space and storage without taking up a lot of room. You can conveniently roll the cart into the middle of the kitchen for preparing food, or use it as a serving table for guests. When it’s not in use, simply roll it out of the way. Many carts can be purchased with shelves, cutting boards and hooks or drawers for storing utensils and other miscellaneous items, which will save you cabinet space.

Relocate dishes

If your dining area is separate from your kitchen, then store fine china and silverware neatly away in a hutch. This will clear out extra space for your most used items in your kitchen drawers and cabinets while keeping your nicer dishes safely and conveniently tucked away in the dining room for those special occasions.

Hang high

Bulky pots and pans take up a ton of cabinet space. To gain additional storage, consider hanging your most used collection on a mounted hanging rack where they can be easily accessed. Choose a rack that hangs from the ceiling or one that attaches to the wall if light fixtures are in the way.

Utilize wall space

Mount shelving on unused wall space in your kitchen to organize items you use every day such as mugs, glasses, spices and other staples while creating an attractive display. A neat arrangement of canisters and decorative dishes add a touch of style to your kitchen, while allowing you to keep your most used items within arms reach when cooking, thus freeing up space on your counter and in your cabinets.

Built-in appliances

In a small kitchen, floor and counter space are valuable real estate. Free up space on your counter top by choosing a built-in model microwave. To gain more floor space, purchase a refrigerator that is at the same depth as your kitchen cabinet.

A tiny kitchen can be challenging, but with some careful planning and organization, even the most miniscule of spaces can achieve beauty and function. Whether you implement a few or all of these practical, space-saving techniques, your small space can seem twice as big as it was before without spending a lot of money.


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